Has a supplier ever asked you to do something “green” that increased your costs?

Did you wish you had the time to investigate the facts before responding? I understand because, for decades, I was on the receiving end of similar requests as a corporate affairs executive, first for big brewers and then for big food and beverage distributors. 

Sustainability was part of my job, yet even with that responsibility, sustainability was never as important as dealing with the latest crisis, acquisition, public relations, or government affairs issues. So we hired sustainability experts, but they were disconnected from the business, taking our money and our time. 

We needed guidance from someone who supported our goals, understood our business, and could efficiently mine our operations to identify the good for the environment but better for the bottom line actions, and then got out of our way so we could focus on our business. So I formed Double Green — to connect the dots between suppliers' sustainability goals and the business goals and unique operations of its supply chain partners. 

We understand the issues and opportunities throughout a supply chain and work with our customers to measurably reduce the carbon footprint of a brand, a business, and an entire industry. We focus on supporting our client's business goals first and communicate their cost and carbon emission saving actions for their competitive advantage - whether that be to their supplier, retailer, employees, the government, or the local community. 

Our clients are distributors, brewers, retailers, farmers, and suppliers aiming to meet their sustainability goals and grow their business. We have figured out a formula that can help just about any food or beverage brand understand their current environmental impact and the communication skills to help them make good decisions for the environment and the best decision for their business. 

For many of our customers' their most significant impact on the environment is their energy consumption due to refrigeration. Since many resources go into creating their products, its vital that these products are fresh and safe for consumption as long as possible. We help them reduce their energy consumption and keep their products, animals, and employees cool, mitigating risk and protecting their assets and business as temperature and energy costs rise. 

Do you know your company's GHG emissions and which sustainable solution you should deploy first for the best return on investment?

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