Lighten your operating cost.

This one baffles me, the amount of fluorescent and metal halide lights that are still out there being used, and the number of burnt-out lights in high bays. Come on… LED lighting has been around for what seems like forever, (the 1980s for commercial use.) 

Most businesses think or say they are using all LED.. Yet many are not, even those with bold Sustainability goals. The result of all the fluorescent and metal halide lights used in their warehouse high bays, office and parking lot lights is tons of wasted energy, costs, and GHG. What a waste. This inaction impacts the environment and the business. 

LED lighting has become much cheaper in the last decade, and as prices have fallen, the light has become better and more efficient. Although one needs to be careful as less efficient older LED lights are still sold by some vendors. 

Today, correctly selected and installed LED delivers approximately a 240% return on investment. 

LED brightens up a warehouse much better than the old fluorescent and metal halide lamps while consuming less energy to produce the same amount of light. 

In addition to being more efficient, LED runs cooler, which means the facility's air conditioning and refrigeration systems work more efficiently, reducing costs and GHG. And if that was not enough, LED bulbs last much longer than other lighting, up to 50,000 hours, further reducing costs. 

In a typical 150,00 sq. foot warehouse, a distributor reduces her energy costs by $7,000 and saves 580 metric tons of GHG a year by installing the proper LED. 

So lighten up, folks, and replace your old energy-hogging lights. We're happy to help, ensuring you receive the available rebates and incentives and immediately reduce your energy bills and GHG.

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